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”Av Tranås för Tranås” (Of Tranås To Tranås), Eriksbergs museum, Tranås, SE .


The weekday drama that surrounds us everyday, environments that we all live in and pass by everyday. This is what I use as an ingredient to create art, to catch the triviality of everyday. A homage to the normal if there is such a thing. We are surrounded by atmospheres of our surroundings, I want to celebrate the greyness and investigate it. In my investigations of everyday the search of appreciation and living in the outskirts of the medias buzz, where all of the “normal” inhabitants lives, creates and exists. I take photos of this, I create art of this that aren't to be or to get as much attention in national or international mainstream media. I want to show a different view of the everyday life, the pattern of life is an ongoing process in which we all live in. The constant flux of trivialities, this is my way of highlight the everyday heroes and their struggle. After all we are just one humankind that have more in common than we sometimes admit. 



Photography, Video, Collage. Karl Larsson 2015.










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