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“Av Värnamo för Värnamo” (Of Värnamo for Värnamo), Gummifabriken, Värnamo SE

/ Video, Photography, Installation, Collage

Video (3min 32 sec), Collage, Installation, Photography.

For three days me and my camera was documenting Värnamo city. I caught Värnamo based on how I see the city. This document legalistic style of art based on many years of knowledge and experience.

The outcome was a massive collage of 1.6 x 2 meters where the 5122 photographs that were displayed in same size no matter individually importance.
Three photographs showing crossroads, they represent not only the purely physical effort to walk one of the roads, they represent not only the choice of one of the roads, or yes it represents everything but so much more where are you going?


A (broken) memory card containing all photos.

A video showing images in a rate of 24 frames per second. You have time to perceive images and sequences. You have time to register and you can recognize where you are or at least you think so.

With support of: Mediaverkstaden, Malmö.



Photography, Video, Installation, Collage, Karl Larsson, 2014.





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