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"Displacement / Kärra",  Kärra library, Göteborg, SE  2014              

Photography. w. Hanna Eliasson


Today, there are many areas in our society that are considered as ugly, industial areas, harbour, concrete jungle and there are more. The type of areas that arent part of the citys PR, where the 1,000 ft glass facade skyscraper or the picturesque wooden “old town” houses makes the cover of the postcards. Ironically that thesame “old town” houses that just a century ago was considered as slum or ghetto and seen as something that was to decontaminate in order to be modern.In “Displacement” we work with contemplation’s of these areas, this is how the world looks like according to us. There is no meaning in an objective way of see things as we are humans and the tools that we use (in our chase cameras) becomes a subjective view that in many ways are touched and affected by way more than we see with our bare eye. What we do is to create stories of how the place exposes in front of us. Everything together creates a sum, of differences of the complexity of human and the environment they live in. We use our cameras to twine environment and the perception of being in it as a part of it. Our environment influences us, we want to create not only a reflection with our cameras we are a part of an ongoing debate.Please have a look at our other project “Industrisemester”. And feel free to contact us or leave a comment.


Hanna Eliasson / Karl Larsson


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Photography. Karl Larsson & Hanna Eliasson, 2014.








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