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Kultivera, Connecting Creativity Artists in Residency 2014, Tranås, SE



”Din Konst” (SE: Your Art)

A pop-up gallery in Tranås, that I started as a part of the  Connecting Creativity Artists in Residency 2014 during august. The idea of a meeting among artist (amateurs and professionals) in a way to find similarities that connects the art and artists, to show that art have a broad spectra of expressions. The issues of professionals vs amateurs, what is “real” art whom is an artist..


The 31 th of august, the end of the residency the “Din Konst” gallery have had 29 local and regional artists and the six residency artists participating. 144 works where handed in as a result of the open call, 78 pieces where curated and put up for the show. And during the open week of the gallery 468 visitors did view the different works. This is my interpretation of (further development!) or an example of Relational aesthetics. Or as the “guru” himself (Nicolas Bourriaud) point  "a set of artistic practices which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and their social context, rather than an independent and private space.".


More information:

www. dinkonst.wordpress.com    






Projekt managment, curator, gallerist, , Karl Larsson 2014. (Photo: Hanna Eliasson www.lupomanaro.com)





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