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Waste Town”, Galerii Metropol, Tallinn, EST

Waste town.

As humans we know that we will die and that we create waste. The theoretical investigation period was 1 month. And resulted in a huge pile of raw material including 11000 photos, 7 hours of sound material ( including interviews, environmental sound), and about 4 hours of interview, 5 hours of other filmed material. A part of the investigation was to contact (approximated 100) people, working and concerned by waste and waste disposal. A part of the “research” period I did go to the waste management company and collecting different types of material (i.e waste) that I found on site. This different material is the stuff that I have been making sculptures and other object that where exhibited in the Gallerii Metropol.  


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Sculpture, Photography, Karl Larsson, 2013.





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