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“ “untitled” “, Malmö festivalen, Malmö, Sweden.


/Photos (Collage) and portrait photography

on spot.


During 3 days I exhibit five prints from “the one

million project”, 70 x 100 cm lambda print in each

print contained 7620 images that are shown in date

order. At the site I had a sign that said “Portrait

photo shoot for free” so that the people that passed

by after consideration agreed to be a part of the

project “ “untitled” “, in this project I’m taking

photos of people in different places. The thought

behind “ “untitled” “ is not only to take portraits

of different people to show that we are unique but

not that unique, its also an interaction between the

ordinary viewer of art and the artist, that you need

to participate and be interested/ curious of things to

enable to be a part of them.
Have a look at the project
” ”untitled” ”


Photography, Performance, Karl Larsson, 2010.





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